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■ WSO100 Wind/Weather Station

● No moving Parts to Wear Out or Get Caught In Rigging
● Measures 5 Different Parameters
   - Apparent Wind Speed Direction
   - Air Temperature
   - Barometric Pressure
   - Relative Humidity
● Maretron Displays Compute Wind Chill, Heat Index, Dew Point, True Wind*, and Ground Wind*

* Requires Additional Sensors

wso nmea2000 ultrasonic wind and weather
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■ SSC300 Solid State Compass

● Solid State Technology – No Moving Parts, No Overshoot, Ultrafast Response Time
● Rate Gyro Compensation for Stable Heading in Dynamic Condition
● Optimum for Steering Autopilots in Rough Water
● Optimum Performance for Aligning Radar Images on Charts
● No Northerly Heading Problems Like fluxgate
● Installs on Steel-Hull Boats

ssc300 nmea2000 solid state compass
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■ GPS200 GPS Antenna Receiver

● 32 Channel with Satellite Based Augmentation System Including WAAS, EGNOS, and MSAS
● World Magnetic Model 2010 for Accurate Magnetic Variation Anywhere In World
● Mounts on Standard 1” Marine Mount
● Provides Position, Satellite Status, Accuracy, COG, SOG, and Variation
gps200 nmea2000 gps antenna receiver
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■ DST110 Depth, Speed and Temperature

● Depth Operates at 235KHz Up to 60 Meters
● Speed Trip and Cumulative Log
● Water Temperature from Minus -10°C to 40°C
● Removable Without Hauling Boat
● Bronze & Stainless Housings Available
● Programmable Transducer Offset Via Maretron Display
dst110 nmea2000 depth speed and temperature
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